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book review “to the heart of the matter”



In a nutshell, here are some tips on how to write a book review:

A book review has three objectives:

Describing what the book is about
Analyzing how the book tried to achieve its purpose
Expressing your own opinion of the book
As you read the book, try to answer the following three questions:

What are the author’s objectives? What is he/she trying to prove? (These will often be stated in the introduction)
What kind of evidence/experience does the author use/have to prove his or her points?
Is the evidence convincing?
When you start writing your review, state the book’s main thesis and present some background information on the author.

Next, give a summary of the main points/sections of the book, quoting and paraphrasing key phrases from the author if necessary.

Finally, get —your opinion of the book. In this section, you can discuss several issues:

How well has the book has achieved its goal
What the book has left out
How the book compares to others on the subject
What specific points are well sustained and what is not convincing, and
How does the content relates to you and your field
It is important to carefully distinguish your views from the author’s, so that you don’t confuse your reader.
Optionally, you may finish your review with a conclusion that ties together the issues raised in the review and provides

The review should be typed Times New Roman 12 pt font and double spaced with 1 inch margins.
u will submit an electronic copy of your paper into to check for plagiarism. I will give you the details on how to do that.

You will also submit a paper copy to me because I don’t like to read reports on my computer.

We have a reserve at the library, or you can pick your own book and ask me to approve it.

I will grade based on length of summary and length of analysis, so don’t give me 5 pages of summary and a paragraph of analysis, I want close to equal summary and analysis. Follow the guidelines when writing the analysis.